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Pampa Bistró was established in 2006, and our facility is located in Lanús, in the Province of Buenos Aires.


We produce super-frozen food products of the highest quality and distribute them to supermarkets in Argentina and Europe.

At our company, we devote all our care to offering consumers and clients the finest, healthiest, and most delicious choices possible. All of our dishes, meats, vegetables, pastas, and breaded items are made with home-style ingredients, without additives or preservatives.


Pampa Bistró is located in Lanús Este, in the Province of Buenos Aires, only 15 kilometres from the port.

It is authorized by SENASA (Argentina’s national food-product health and safety board) for the local market, as well as by the European Union for meat and general food-products for export.


These authorizations are strictly overseen, and we go beyond their sanitary requirements, making a true difference in quality and safety when it comes to food.



All products are made using custom, home-style recipes. Throughout all production steps, we respect the delicate balance inherent to each ingredient and devote constant care and attention to purity and product safety.


We use the HACCP (Hazardous and Critical Control Points) quality assurance system, which allows us to monitor and control processes by integrating GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures).


Production Team

Our highly-trained production team assure that all products are made in accordance with required procedures. At our company, we understand the importance of ongoing training and a work environment that is conducive to professional development.
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Our company consists of three primary business divisions:

Pampa Bistró Retail, Food Service, and Export.

  • Pampa Bistro Retail does business with Argentina's main supermarkets and stores under the brand name "Pampa Bistró."
  • Food Service offers custom-made food solutions according to clients' needs.
  • In Export, super-frozen food products are distributed through importers and agents, satisfying varied and specific needs depending on consumers and the destination country.