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At Pampa Bistró, our most important priority is to assure the quality and safety of our products. Each and every day, we make certain that our products and facility meet quality-control standards.

We operate under the following quality-control systems:

  1. 1. HACCP
  2. 2. GMP
  3. 3. SSOP
  4. 4. TRACKING All products can be traced from the following points: point of sale, shipping point, production process, documentation for ingredients used. We require our suppliers to provide tracking information for products we purchase from them. In this way, for example, we know exactly from which herd of animals comes the meat sold in our empanadas, simply by consulting the production lot number. In the same way, we can track the origins of key ingredients such as chicken, dairy products, flours, spices, and other ingredients.

Our facility and quality-control systems are continually updated and monitored by SENASA, Argentina’s national food-product health and safety board, and appears in the RNE (National Registry of Establishments), authorized by INAL (National Food Products Institute).

This ongoing system of improvement motivated the company to upgrade the facility in 2008 for the exportation of products to the European Union. Today, Pampa Bistró is authorised to export meat-based products (bovine, avian, caprine, and others) to the European Union.


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Products are developed from home recipes by our own team of technicians. The result is an industrial food product which maintains taste-tested distinction. No preservatives are used, and our products contain low levels of salt, making them healthier.

We are always developing new products and market-testing them in an effort to satisfy the varied tastes of our clients.

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